NW CASC Researchers Join Fish & Wildlife Professionals at The Wildlife Society & American Fisheries Society Joint Conference

Are you attending The Wildlife Society & American Fisheries Society 2019 Joint Annual Conference? If so, be sure to check out presentations from the Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center and from across the Climate Adaptation Science Center network! This year’s conference will be held in Reno, Nevada on September 29th – October 3rd. The conference will bring together fish and wildlife professionals from every state in the country and from countries around the world, representing federal agencies with a wildlife nexus, major universities, prominent NGOs and private industry with a vested interest in fish, wildlife and natural resources management. This conference will provide the opportunities to network with other fish and wildlife professionals, create new partnerships and build collaborative approaches to help solve pressing wildlife conservation issues.

The NW CASC staff and Fellows will be presenting on NW CASC-supported work throughout the week. If you’ll be joining this conference, be sure to check out our presentations below, as well as presentations from across the CASC network!

Monday, September 30th

Climate Adaptation Science in the Pacific Northwest: Building a Collaborative Network for Responding to Climate Change
Contributors: Elizabeth Glenn (Northwest CASC), Nicole DeCrappeo (Northwest CASC), Charles Jones, Amy Snover (Northwest CASC), Meade Krosby (Northwest CASC)
When: 2:10 – 02:30 pm
Where: Reno-Sparks CC, RSCC, F3

Developing an Occupancy-Based Monitoring Framework for Wolverines in the Cascades
Contributors: Robert Emmet (Northwest CASC fellow), Robert Long, Beth Gardner
When: 2:10 – 02:30 pm
Where: Reno-Sparks CC, RSCC, F10

Thursday, October 3rd

Non-Native Introgression Alters Seasonal Growth and Migratory Patterns of Native Salmonids in Three Wild Populations
Contributor: Jeffrey Strait (Northwest CASC Fellow), Lisa Eby, Ryan Kovach, Clint Muhlfeld, Matthew C. Boyer, Stephen Amish, Gordon Luikart
When: 4:20 – 4:40 pm
Where: Reno-Sparks CC, RSCC, A2