Research Fellowship Program

The Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (NW CASC) advances actionable science relevant to today’s emerging climate-related risks by supporting research by early-career NW CASC Fellows. The NW CASC’s Research Fellowship Program enables graduate students and postdocs from a variety of scientific backgrounds to co-produce actionable science in collaboration with regional natural resource managers and decision-makers. Fellows receive support for research aligned with the NW CASC Science Agenda, as well as instruction in the principles and practices of co-production of decision-relevant, or actionable science.

The NW CASC Fellowship Program supports research that is:

  • Relevant to management decisions related to identifying and addressing climate impacts on Northwest natural and cultural resource management;
  • Relevant to primary NW CASC stakeholders; and
  • Focused in NW CASC’s geographic domain

The NW CASC Fellowship provides training in actionable science through:


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