Upcoming Postdoctoral Research Opportunity Focused on Fire

The University of Montana (UM), in partnership with the Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (NW CASC), will be releasing an announcement early in 2021 seeking a postdoctoral researcher as part of the National and Regional Climate Adaptation Science Center’s Postdoctoral Climate Adaptation Scholars (CAS) Program. The CAS postdoctoral researcher will be based at the University of Montana with co-mentoring from the NW CASC at the University of Washington.

The researcher will:

  1. lead regionally focused research projects related to climate-fire dynamics;
  2. collaborate with a national cohort of CAS postdocs on national-scale research and synthesis on climate-fire issues;
  3. participate in regular training and professional development opportunities, including training on translational ecology and the co-production of actionable science with natural resource decision-makers, as well as interdisciplinary collaboration across academic disciplines.

The full position description will be posted on the NW CASC website as soon as it is finalized. The Climate Adaptation Scholars program is designed to support management-relevant research and scientific synthesis of emerging research needs related to climate impacts on fish, wildlife and ecosystems. The objective of the CAS Program is to provide regional-to-national syntheses of climate change impacts on fire regimes, fire management and fire response; explore resulting impacts on fish, wildlife and ecosystems; and provide the scientific research necessary to help managers adapt to these changes.

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