Ben Dittbrenner headshot

Benjamin Dittbrenner

2017 Fellow University of Washington


Ben Dittbrenner is a PhD candidate in Aquatic Ecology at the University of Washington, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. He holds an MS in Biodiversity, Conservation, and Policy from the University at Albany, and BS degrees in Biology, and Environmental Science and Conservation from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Ben is also the Executive Director of the nonprofit, Beavers Northwest, which helps landowners and government organizations preserve wetland ecosystems by managing beavers non-lethally.

Ben’s research focuses on exploring non-traditional approaches to promote habitat enhancement and maintenance, increase ecosystem resilience, and reduced effects of climate change on riparian systems at multiple scales. He co-manages the Sky Beaver Project, which seeks to relocate beavers from areas where human-beaver conflicts would normally result in euthanization of the beaver, to headwater riparian systems. The project assess how beaver dams and networks of beaver dams modify measures of stream water quantity and timing, such as residence time, base flow, hyporheic lateral flow, and stream temperature. ‚Äč

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