Callie Puntenney

2020 Fellow Boise State University Faculty advisor(s): Kelly Hopping


Callie Puntenney is a Human-Environment Systems master’s student in the Biology department at Boise State University. She is originally from Colorado and graduated from Colorado State University with a BS in Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology. She can usually be found peering at an interesting rock on a trail, watching wildlife by the bank of a creek or reading a book in a park. 

Callie’s research looks at the relationships people have with the land and how the knowledge they have gained through that relationship can inform adaptive rangeland management. She is collecting information about ranchers’ and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agency specialists’ observations of southern Idaho rangelands and what they look at to make management decisions. Callie’s goal is to use this information to see how ecological and management timelines compare to identify potential focal areas for adaptive and flexible management in a changing climate. Callie’s conversations and engagement with the Idaho BLM help ensure that the project will be informative for efforts to update rangeland grazing management and for collaboration and communication in the rangeland management community.

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