Courtney Hendrickson

2019 Fellow Oregon State University Faculty advisor(s): Tiffany Garcia, Andrew Blaustein


Courtney Hendrickson is a PhD student co-advised in the Integrative Biology and Fisheries & Wildlife departments at Oregon State University. Courtney grew up in San Diego, California (picking up every critter she could get her hands on) and received her BS in Conservation and Resources Studies as well as her BA in Geography at the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to starting her graduate program, Courtney worked as a Research Technician, chasing chipmunks in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where she fell in love with high-alpine ecosystems. When she’s not doing research or looking for amphibians, Courtney enjoys roaming around the mountains, playing rugby and surfing.  

Courtney’s research interest lies at the intersection of landscape, community and disease ecology. Specifically, her research is focused on the mechanisms shaping the amphibian skin microbiome across spatial scales and climates and how the amphibian skin microbiome might be used as a tool to help populations adapt to disturbances.

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