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David Diaz

2017 Fellow University of Washington


David Diaz is a proud fifth-generation Texan, born and raised in San Antonio. To stay near the love of his life and future wife, David took his first undergraduate job in forest ecology counting and identifying ants in central Massachusetts in 2003. He graduated from Harvard University in 2006 with a BA in Environmental History and came out to Oregon State University where he completed an MS in Soil Science in 2008. David has since worked as a DC-based reporter on domestic and international carbon policy and markets, a Portfolio Manager in Portland, OR developing certification standards and originating contracts for forest carbon projects, and has worked for the Portland-based nonprofit Ecotrust since 2013 where he now serves as the Director of Forestry Technology and Analytics.

David’s ongoing work at Ecotrust and the University of Washington include research and development of forest growth-and-yield modeling technologies, with an emphasis on technology transfer for “non-industrial” forest owners such as family forest owners and American Indian tribes. He combines his interests in data science and visualization, machine learning, stochastic modeling, and technology development with a love of forests and a mission to make Ecological Forestry more accessible to landowners on the ground. David’s PhD research at UW focuses on integrating climatic drivers into a widely-used forest growth-and-yield model, weaving together tree ring records and abundant forest inventory data into applications to help landowners make climate-wise land management decisions.

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