Laurel Genzoli

2020 Fellow University of Montana Faculty advisor(s): Bob Hall


Laurel Genzoli is an aquatic ecologist and river enthusiast from coastal Oregon. She completed her undergraduate degree at Southern Oregon University and received an MS from the University of Wyoming. Between her academic pursuits, Laurel worked as a seasonal field biologist and environmental educator guiding natural history hikes, collecting field data from the rivers, mountains and forests of the western US and guiding sea kayak trips in Washington State’s San Juan Islands. More recently, Laurel has led university-level field courses in Patagonia and Montana, worked with tribal water quality departments on the Klamath River and directed educational programming and logistics for the place-based river exchange program, Ríos to Rivers.

Laurel’s research focuses on patterns and drivers of primary production and algae growth in rivers. She is interested in how human alterations to rivers and their watersheds, including dams, nutrient pollution and changing flow patterns, influence algae growth, water quality, fisheries health and the communities that rely on these rivers.

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