Megan Russel headshot

Megan Russell

2018 Fellow Western Washington University


Megan Russell grew up in Washington State, where she developed a passion for marine science while exploring the Puget Sound. Megan is currently a graduate student in the biology department at Western Washington University, and received her B.S. in Marine Biology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Megan is also an avid SCUBA instructor. After graduating, she headed to the Florida Keys to teach SCUBA and marine science for a variety of educational organizations. 

Megan’s research will examine how climate change is impacting local forage fish populations throughout the Puget Sound. Her research will focus on how climate stressors impact forage fish eggs, embryos and larvae energetic demands. She will test multiple stocks to compare how genetically-distinct populations may be responding differently to climate stressors. Megan will be collaborating with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife as well as the Northwest Indian College on this project.

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