Meridith McClure

2019 Fellow Oregon State University Faculty advisor(s): Glenn Howe


Meridith grew up in Franklin, Tennessee and received her undergraduate degree in Organismal Biology with a minor in Environmental Science at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Before returning to school to pursue her master’s degree at Oregon State University in the Forest Ecosystems and Society program, Meridith worked with nonprofits and federal agencies on seed collection and vegetation monitoring projects through her field work in New Mexico and Oregon. Outside of school, Meridith likes to work on embroidery projects and other crafts, hike, and attempt to skateboard.

Meridith’s research interests stem from an interest in climate change and forest management. This eventually led to her current project of developing a climate-based seed deployment system for the Pacific Northwest, which aims to provide the information to practice climate-based seed deployment to enhance regeneration success, forest productivity and adaptation to climate change. To ensure usability of this new seed deployment system, Meridith works with stakeholders from the Pacific Northwest Tree Improvement Research Cooperative.

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