Skye Greenler

2020 Fellow Oregon State University Faculty advisor(s): John Bailey


Skye Greenler grew up on a family farm in Wisconsin that was half organic cropland and half restored prairie. Her family’s dinner table conversations often revolved around sustainably using the land, building healthy ecosystems to buffer resources through bad years and balancing a range of seemingly contradictory objectives—questions she is still thinking about today.  Skye is a current PhD student at Oregon State University and received an MS from the Forestry and Natural Resources Department at Purdue University and a BA from Colorado College.  

She is interested in how systems regenerate, recover and shift following disturbances and how to integrate these responses into contemporary management in a way that balances a wide array of objectives, resources and socioeconomic drivers. Skye is currently working on a suite of projects that combine our current knowledge of fire ecology and fire management systems to explore different pathways to restore fire regimes and fire-resilient systems.

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