Ecological Transformation Deep Dive

The Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (NW CASC) organizes an annual Deep Dive into an emerging climate risk. We convene researchers, practitioners and students to assess the state of knowledge and practice associated with managing that risk. Each Deep Dive aims to facilitate community development of an Actionable Science Agenda that outlines knowledge gaps and research needs and identifies opportunities to advance adaptation by linking science and practice.

Managing Post-fire Vegetation Change in a Warming Climate

The 2020 Deep Dive brought together scientists and land managers from across the Northwest and beyond to synthesize the state of the science, practice and policy around managing post-fire vegetation conversion in a changing climate and to identify actionable science and co-production priorities. Results and products of the 2020 Deep Dive will help inform actionable science investments by the NW CASC and its partners to support management of climate-driven, post-fire vegetation transitions in the Northwest.

Deep Dive Summary Products

The summary report describes the key findings and the co-developed actionable science agenda that emerged from the Deep Dive, while the key findings document provides a high-level overview of the Deep Dive outcomes.

Deep Dive Summary Report


Deep Dive Key Findings


Deep Dive Syntheses

The more-detailed synthesis reports describe results of the three Deep Dive working groups that contributed to the key findings and include citations, survey results and other supporting evidence.

State of Policy & Human Dimensions: Synthesis Summary


State of Biophysical Knowledge: Synthesis Summary


State of Practice: Synthesis Summary


Deep Dive Resources

Resources developed through the Deep Dive include the tools database, featuring over 70 different tools potentially useful in post-fire research and management; an interactive map of post-fire vegetation surveys and management case studies across the Northwest; and a table of proposed project ideas generated by workshop participants to help address identified research needs.

Tools Database for Post-Fire Research & Management


Interactive Map of Post-Fire Vegetation & Management Case Studies


Example Project Ideas Supporting Research Needs


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