Meet the NW CASC’s 2019-2020 Research Fellows!

We are pleased to welcome the NW CASC’s 2019-2020 Research Fellows as they kick off their ¬†Fellowship activities this fall. These nine Fellows represent each of our consortium universities.

Throughout their Fellowship year, each Fellow will conduct research in close collaboration with regional natural resource managers and decision-makers to produce relevant science on climate change impacts and adaptation actions. Fellows will also receive training in actionable science principles through participation in monthly cohort calls, a winter seminar course on The Theory & Practice of Connecting Knowledge to Action and other skills-building activities. We are thrilled to have these new Fellows on our NW CASC team, helping advance our mission to deliver science to help fish, wildlife, water, land and people adapt to a changing climate.

See a Summary of the New Fellows & their Research

2019-2020 NW CASC Fellow Logan Whiles from Washington State University