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Lynx on the Edge? Canada Lynx Occupancy in Washington

The Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis) is a sensitive indicator species for impacts of climate change, as it is adapted to forested, high-elevation and deep-snow environments. In Washington, part of its southern range, the endangered Canada lynx is especially threatened by increases in temperature and associated loss of snow cover. 

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New NW CASC Synthesis Explores the Effects of Climate Change on Invasive Species in the Northwest

There is growing concern that changing climate conditions will amplify the negative impacts of non-native invasive species and facilitate their expansion. Despite the potential ecological and economic impacts of invasive species expansions in the Northwest, there has been no comprehensive synthesis on climate change effects on invasive species – until now. 

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Register for NW CASC’s Spring Webinar Series: Early Career Considerations for Co-Producing Actionable Science

The Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center is hosting its spring webinar series focused on early career considerations for co-producing actionable science. This series is designed to help graduate students and postdoctoral scholars engaged in research related to climate adaptation better understand how to (1) incorporate co-production into their work and (2) navigate the range of career pathways available to those interested in spanning the divide between science and decision-making to address urgent environmental challenges. 

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Upcoming UW Panel Event on Science Communication

What is the value of scientists communicating about their own research? How can scientists best partner with communications professionals? University of Washington (UW) Climate Impacts Group and Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center Director Amy Snover, along with several other UW experts, will discuss these questions and more at a UW College of the Environment panel on Wednesday, March 4, 2020.  

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Faces of Adaptation: Meet Ronda Strauch

Ronda Strauch is the Climate Change Research and Adaptation Advisor at Seattle City Light. Ronda recently obtained her PhD from the University of Washington in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, specializing in landslide and hydrologic modeling. 

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NW CASC Consortium Universities Recognized with Carnegie Community Engagement Classification

The Carnegie Foundation recently announced that the University of Washington (UW), the NW CASC’s host institution, is a new recipient of its 2020 Community Engagement Classification. The Community Engagement classification recognizes institutions that have deep partnerships with local communities to enrich scholarship, teaching and learning; strengthen democracy and civic society; and advance the public good. 

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