Mark Sorel

2020 Fellow University of Washington Faculty advisor(s): Sarah Converse


Mark Sorel has been studying salmon in the Pacific Northwest since 2010, when he began his undergraduate capstone research on the food requirements of small fishes in Lake Washington. Since then, he has worked on monitoring and modeling salmon populations, evaluating the feasibility of reintroducing salmon above high-head dams and estimating sea lion predation on adult salmon. He believes that increasing racial and social justice within the study and practice of natural resource management is of critical importance. In his free time, Mark enjoys cooking, jogging and singing. 

His professional interests relate to helping natural resource managers make decisions by wielding ecological models to produce relevant and consumable information. He finds natural history and math to be fascinating and fun, so combining them to improve the wellbeing of people and ecosystems is a dream job. He is interested in how stakeholder values, power dynamics and policy play into decision-making, and how representations of information and uncertainty can affect the decision-making process.

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