Shannon Healy

2020 Fellow Western Washington University Faculty advisor(s): Alia Khan


Shannon Healy has been enjoying the Pacific Northwest after moving west from her home state of Maryland. Having the North Cascades in her backyard, Shannon spends her weekends camping and running with friends. Previously, she studied biology at the University of Maryland and researched the prevalence of environmental toxins in the Michigan bald eagle populations. Between her undergraduate and graduate pursuits, she worked at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as a GIS Analyst in the Hydrographic Surveys Division. 

 For her graduate degree, she knew she wanted to combine her passions for preserving natural resources with her background in biology. This brought her to Western Washington University where her research now focuses on using satellite and drone imagery to assess the influence of snow algae on snow melt in the North Cascades with Dr. Alia Khan. She is most interested in the use of remote sensing to assess the status of natural resources in the remote regions of our planet.

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