Assessing the Usefulness of Vulnerability Assessments and other Science-based Tools in Climate Adaptation

    Principal Investigator

  • Eric Lindquist, Boise State University,
  • Co-Investigator

  • Shawn Benner, Boise State University
  • Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center

This project will contribute to effective decision making in the region for the scientific community and general public. Resource managers in the Great Basin are dealing with significant questions regarding how best to make decisions in the natural and human systems in response to climate change. Vulnerability assessments and other tools are used for climate change adaptation, but their effectiveness is not widely understood or examined. Assessing these tools for their utility and for their ability to translate science into accessible and available information for users, including the general public, is critical for the future viability and sustainability of the Great Basin. This project applies social and policy methods to these important questions. Findings in scientific and lay terms will be made available to decision makers and the general public in a variety of formats.

This project was funded jointly by the Northwest and Southwest CASCs.

Data and Products