Engineering User-Friendly Forest-Climate Technologies for Underserved Forest Owners

    NW CASC Fellow

  • David Diaz, University of Washington,
  • Faculty Advisor

  • Gregory J. Ettl, University of Washington,

Climate change is expected to introduce significant pressures on forest health, growth and productivity in the Pacific Northwest. These may involve dramatic impacts for a wide array of under-served non-industrial forest owners including Tribes and First Nations, land trusts, counties, municipalities and family forest owners.

This project will address gaps in the approaches currently available to non-industrial forest owners for natural resource assessment and management planning through the development of new open-source methods and technologies. These resources are informed by work on the ground in collaboration with the Swinomish Tribe, including the translation of lidar and high-resolution imagery data into actionable information for Tribal Foresters supporting the completion of a new Forest Management Plan and associated long-term management planning related to climate change adaptation.